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Internet Support

Telephone (toll free): 800-628-5989

We know that an important part of the service we provide you is support to help you get connected and enjoying your Internet service. Below is some information you may find helpful. As always, we welcome your questions to help make the Internet more enjoyable and useful for you.

  • The Subscriber Support Help Desk: 800-628-5989 − We can help you with new user sign-up and Internet configuration questions. The Help Desk can also help with most e-mail problems. Other hardware or configuration issues may need the attention of you local computer professional. Our Help Desk may also be able to direct you to people in your area trained to help with most configuration problems on-site.
  • Email the Help Desk − Its easy to send us your questions by emailing us at
  • Give us a call − The easiest way to reach us is by telephone - 800-628-5989.
  • Need an additional Internet E-Mail account − Perhaps you require another e-mail account or two? No problem! Call Heartland Net Customer Service locally at 712-379-3001 or toll free at 800-509-3001.
  • Software downloads and upgrades − As Internet technology changes and advancements are made, you may from time to time wish to upgrade your web browser and other Internet software. These applications can be downloaded online right to your computer. For more information, click here to visit Microsoft or here for Firefox.
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